It is time to come back to love and sew seeds of truth, peace, and integrity on the planet. 

This is when your gifts are needed the most.

It's time to break ourselves fully free of the confines of the matrix. Even the programming in our mind and nervous system.

It's time to empower others to do the same through our visionary leadership. 

This is the path of the intuitive empath with an entrepreneurial spirit.

This is a community for you if you’ve decided that no circumstance, no situation or force outside of you will sway you from your mission in this paradigm.

We have been given the eyes to see in a world following the blind.

So, together we will hone your intuitive gifts and create soul aligned strategy that supports your vision to reach who you're here to serve.

We will attune your boundaries and innate sense of self worth.

We will create a business structure that supports your highly sensitive being and leverages your unique genius.

Let’s come home to belonging. To community.

This world isn't designed for us... because we are designed for it.

We are here to change it.

For when we shift individually and thrive, we inspire others to do the same.

And we change the world.


Your gifts - your love, your strength, your hope, your resilience, your insights - are paving the way for a new trajectory in humanity.

And this community was created to support you to THRIVE in love, life, and business so you can shine in your leadership.

Inside THRIVAL you will be supported to co-create:


△ True love and acceptance of your divinely made self for the essence of who you are

△ Call in your soulmate lover, friends, mentors, and clients

△ Create soul'd out signature offers that are in alignment with your natural gifts

△ Collaborate and co-create magic in community with other wayshowers

△ Learn to lean back, slow down, surrender and trust to receive miracles

△ Unlock the codes, gifts and memories which will allow you to fulfill your purpose as a leader

△ Heal using alchemy like unconscious reprogramming, hypnotherapy, somatic healing, and emotional freedom techniques

△ Unleash your authentic self expression and embody confidence


In this space 

the light is you.


You are the illumination

of what will be new.



Your entire life - including your business - feels soul good. Nourishing. Because everything that matters the most to you... comes first. 

You have time and space for ceremony, your daily practice, to create art, to make love, to cook nourishing soul meals, to feel and experience it all.

Your life's work fully supports you. Your strategy holds you. You trust your business has got you, that it will provide for you.


There's no survival. There is only thrival.


You feel free and liberated in your marketing.

You feel fully expressed in your sales process.

Your strategy is a safe container that holds the fullness of all your expression.

And you feel empowered in your boundaries and expression.


This is what's available for you inside the Thrival Membership.



Inside Receive:

Online community threads

(a place to share, feel seen, heard + supported throughout your journey)

Monthly live ceremony led by Dayna Lisa

(this is where you come to learn, connect, grow, and receive support)

Access to over 9k in past teachings from the You Are Intuit Mystery school

(programs on boundaries as an empath, leadership, embodiment, business strategy, sacred sales, and more)

Q&A thread

(direct support to get your questions on love, life, and business answered)

- - - - -



Break ancestral cycles of over giving and people pleasing. Step into your personal power. Learn radical discernment and how to trust your intuition.


Reconnect with the sanctity of the sales process. Learn to guide your potential clients to the steps of your teachings with integrity and grace.


Recode on a mind, body, and soul level to align with your desired reality. Shift your frequency and manifest from a place of alignment.


Activate your intuitive channel and direct connection to source. Learn to discern guidance, clear your energy system, and protect yourself as an empath.


Learn how to hold a communion with potential clients that guides them to an empowered yes from a place of sovereignty.


Discover the art of emotional intelligence, navigating challenging conversations with power, and staying in your truth through clear communication that leads to deep intimacy.



I am on a mission to empower intuitive empaths and highly sensitive beings to thrive in love, life, and business.

Your gifts are here to be shared, to change people's lives...

And my gifts are to support you with structure, guidance, and resources for thriving. 

Why? I believe the more you thrive, the better place the world becomes for all of us. 

"I worked with Dayna for 6 months. Personal wins I had included healing a 5 year codependant relationship. I let go of my perfectionism and people pleasing. And moved into a deeper sense of self worth I haven't experienced in my 33 years.

I had business wins too, like having a $1200 day.

Hire this woman. She is amazing."

Amy McCoan

"I worked with Dayna to understand my intuition and how to follow it and trust it... In all aspects of my life.

With money, with my body, with all the things.

I let go of people pleasing and started to implement boundaries with my family, which was no small thing for me."

Melanie Shmois


This is a membership platform and monthly subscription. You may cancel your membership at any time.



over 9k in programs through the year, cancel anytime

  • Monthly live mentorship meetups

  • Q&A thread
  • Community collaboration space
  • The Emergence // Boundaries and Leadership for Intuitive Empaths ($2222 value)

  • The Immersion // How to Awaken and Activate Your Intuitive Gifts ($2222 value)
  • Essence // Turn Your Authentic Expression into Powerful Marketing that Sells ($2222 value)
  • Stardust Actualized // Healing Ancestral Cycles  to Become a Soul'd Out Mentor ($1500 value)
  •  Divinely Invested // the energy of investments with infinite ROI ($111 value)

  • Mistress of Alchemy // the art of mastering consistency as a highly sensitive healer ($144 value)

  • Resonance // creating magnetism in your marketing through storytelling ($77 value)

  • Wise & Wealthy Witch // soul aligned high ticket sales ($122 value)

  • Templates, guides, and intuitive scripts ($1111 value)

Note: Pre Recorded Programs drip through a 12 month cycle and run as 30 day challenges in the membership portal