A 6 Month Ceremonial Experience for the Revolutionary Woman Who is Ready to Radicalize the Mainstream and Rewrite the Narrative with Her HeARTistry


My heart's desire, more than anything else in this world, is for women to feel free to be their wildly expressed selves.

To embody your God given gifts with conviction and confidence.

To feel at home and safe in your body.

To feel free to play, live in your pleasure, and immerse in a life that is the full spectrum of being human.


This is the fulfillment we were made to discover in this lifetime.

You deserve to feel free.

You deserve to live life on purpose.

You deserve to be seen, loved, and radically compensated for the truth of who you are.

And anything less, in my opinion, just won’t do.


You’re here to create a masterpiece that is your life’s work.

Through the fires and trials you have burned, and you have risen, reborn.

You’re a visionary. You know you're here to be an example of a new, revolutionary way. Through your gifts, through your artistry, through your own liberation to do it your way.

In T H E  W A Y, we will remove the barriers and conditioning that keep your flaming soul from shining through as a leader here to create Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.)



Healing gets to be fun. Life itself, the journey as much as the destination, is the adventure we came here for.

We’re meant to laugh our tits off at the silliness of this video game we’re in as we master every level.

The frequency of your laughter is a medicine you’ve been taught to hide away when walking in purpose. Success has been made to seem like such a serious job to suppress our full power.

In T H E  W A Y, we will help the world remember this power by being the embodiment of pleasure, play, and joy.



The unique tone of your truth has a resonance that magnetizes your desires to you. What if you shed who you think you need to be and remembered how to see yourself through the eyes of God?

If you’re scared to speak your full story into the world, know you’re not alone. And the planet is waiting for the tone of truth only you carry to harmonize.

In T H E  W A Y, we will sing, tone, and heal our way home to the unique resonance only our voices hold.



There are things you desire you’ve been taught to deny yourself. There are ways you want to feel that you’ve been told are too much. There are relationships you desire to have that honor the fullness of you.

There are ways you want to dress, speak, and own your power that you’re remembering because they weren’t modeled for you in this lifetime.

In T H E  W A Y, we will claim our true soul’s desires as ours to create and raise the standards to calibrate to receiving them.



If your own body has ever felt like a stranger to you, like it’s working against you instead of for you, you’re not alone.

As women we’re literally taught to hate our bodies, that they’re not enough, and that they’re an unsafe place to live. Repairing this relationships is key to a pleasure filled existence where you feel confident, sovereign, and free to be seen in all your gorgeous glory.

In T H E  W A Y, we’ll return you home to your own temple and house of being through devotional love to the vessel you’re currently existing in.


This is your year to own all of you and see what happens when you unleash

  • Owning your full expression and potent intuitive gifts in a way that magnetizes your desires like moths to the flame that is you


  • Feeling safe to be seen and stepping into your full magic, expression, and potent power as a healer


  • Mastering the realm of sovereign wealth and coming home to your medicine as your way to success


  • Healing the generational trauma in your lineage to end patterns of struggle and lay foundations for a legacy of wealth


  • Healing the witch wound and the sisterhood wound to tap back in to your priestess power that you incarnated to share during this time of transition on the planet

T H E ⧊ W A Y is a priestess initiation into your most wise, wealthy, & wicked sexy self.

… even if you have never felt like you fit in with regular society.


This space will help you remember that your alien family is out there, that your sisters are here to support you, and that you've never been alone on your walk through your Dark Nights of the Soul.


… even if you have been told to shut up, sit down, and keep it small for the comfort of others.


Here you'll be not only seen for your fullness and expression, but celebrated for sharing your medicine. Together we'll walk in our individual and collective healing to remember our personal power and step into going fucking big with our visions.


… even if you haven't come out of the spiritual broom closet (yet).


You've been conditioned, as we all have, to deny your own inner authority and magic. In this container, we're going to remember who we really are and what we came here to do - So you can reclaim your gifts with confidence. Cus let's face it... we all came to earth here in the now to fuck shit up a little (teehee).


What’s inside this 6 month portal of transformation is life changing:


There will be 3x live group coaching calls per month. Each month the call schedule will include:

  • 3x live monthly calls. These are a round table format.
  • A private Voxer community for support between calls.

You will receive replay access to all the live calls for the 12 months of the container.


🔮 Other Inclusions 

As a member of T H E  W A Y Priestess Initiation, you will also receive:

  • Access to all of the past You Are Intuit Mystery School programs, workshops, and masterclasses. 
  • Gifts. I love giving presents and creating special packages for you.


I trust you to trust your intuition and lean into why you're still here reading these words. 

Put your hand on your heart and tap in: 

What could you do this year if you went all in on your healing and personal power?





Hi, I’m Dayna.

Simply put - I empower people to make their daydreams a reality using their intuition. As a Priestess of The Way, I am a wayshower for those incarnated as an embodiment of visionary leadership during this paradigm.

My signature D3 Methodology will take you through Discovery of your gifts, Deconditioning back to your authenticity, and Deliberate Action to radically shift your reality.

Some of my favorite accomplishments are:

    • I’ve forgiven my iffy past and learned to love myself unconditionally
    • I’ve broken every traditional business rule to create an unprofessional empire
    • I holistically cured my chronic anxiety and depression to become the happiest I’ve ever been




In my reality, I experience quantum growth regularly.

I receive mind-blowing miracles all the time.

I break all the rules and get better, faster results than anyone can make sense of.

And I’m calm, cool, and collected no matter what happens - I know exactly what to do.

I could go on bragging about myself unabashedly but I want to say this for sure:

If I can go from a broke divorcee in a basement suite with nothing but a suitcase to my name…


To a six figure business owner who travels the world changing people’s lives by owning my oracle…

Well, love, the sky is the limit for you, too.


Before you enter this portal,

put your hand on your heart and say it with me:

I am an original vessel for the love, for the light, a teacher of The Way.
While the origins have been lost through time, space, and humanity - I choose to remember. My soul knows. 


And today, I say yes to the Priestess within me.