What if you could easily DOUBLE your followers and income by doing less and expressing yourself more?

You Totally Can.

Money and success become effortless through embodiment. When you are the living example of your knowledge, people magnetize to your authentic expression.

You already know enough. You deserve to be supported by those closest to you. And you get to have it all without burn out.

You’re here to live a fulfilling, fun as f*ck, joy filled life of abundance as a rebellious revolutionary leader.

It's your time. Time for your Emergence.

When I first started my business, I had no idea how different it was going to be

journaling in my bedroom about my dreams…

VS trying to make money from my own story and sharing my heart on the internet for all to see.

When I started to put myself out there, all I wanted to do was run under my covers and hide. I procrastinated. I made excuses. I waited to take action.

And when I did take action, I worked myself to the bone leading to exhausting burn out cycles.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

Just a couple years ago, I was a chameleon copywriter for the best of the best in the industry. I helped multiple six and seven figure entrepreneurs by taking on their brand voice and writing them content that brought in the big bucks.

#MegaMoneyWins were the normal for my clients. But I was struggling AF eating bread and peanut butter, staying in a shabby place with mold on the walls. Yikes.


I knew if I was going to become as successful as my roster of high-level clients, I was going to have to hack the same thing they all had:

Authentic expression and personal embodiment.

It was time to become a magnet for my desires and a manifestation master.

It was time to listen to my intuition and learn to hack the mechanics of aligned action…

So I could step into my fullest potential and fulfill my purpose.

That’s when I made the move to build my own authentic, rule breaking brand.

I learned quickly that the more I stopped caring what anyone else was doing and focused on my own embodiment, the more money I made.

I had my first mastermind launch and made $56,000 in sales and $17,000 cash in a couple weeks. Whoa.

I’d finally found a way to break all the rules, shirk the ’10 Steps to Success’ one-size-fits-all approach, and create consistent growth without burning out again and again.

I finally stopped people pleasing, being a chameleon, and adapting to my environment…

And began standing in my power, working with people I absolutely adored, and helping clients create insane results by discovering their own rule-breaking way to success.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

Because I’ve been shown, again and again, that we’re all magnetic to exactly what we want the most.

When we stop playing small and embody our unique leadership qualities - the rest is inevitable.

Plus, let’s be honest. We need your wise, wealthy, and wicked sexy self unleashed in the world more than ever before.

The world is craving paradigm shifting, rule breaking, rebellious revolutionaries on the frontlines as we create a whole new reality together.

Let’s take a peek at how things are going.

You have a huge fucking vision for your life. Like, massive. Dreams of NY Time bestselling books, world travel, speaking engagements, and a legacy of wealth.

Your intuition has spoken and you know you’re meant for more, baby.

You even know a lot of what you’re meant to do - but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened yet.

You’re stuck. What’s the next best move?

You’ve taken all the money courses. You’ve learned all the skills necessary to be a masterful coach. You have even done some certifications.

You see it all ‘working out’ for other people and the success makes you green with envy. Why are the formulas working for them but not you?

You’ve worked your ass off to be successful, over giving and sacrificing over and over. Yet… your results seem to be taking forever.

Other leaders seem to be rising and taking over the space leaving you wondering “WTF?! I’m doing all the right things, so what gives?”

  • Having calm certainty and direct connection to your intuition that allows you to make big decisions with confidence


  • Knowing what you need to say or do and instantly take aligned action with ease, trust, and certainty


  • Magnetizing your exact desires and mastering the energetics of manifestation to create consistent, reliable results over and over again


  • Consistently growing your income and influence without yo-yo high low cycles and burn out


  • Blowing your own mind by looking back and seeing how miracles lined up for you to get results you couldn’t have even imagined were possible

The Emergence Experience will teach you how to embody your genius and become a stand out, sold out leader in your industry.

… even if you’re not sure what your genius or special secret sauce is.


In The Emergence Experience you’ll discover how to find, follow, and trust your intuition through aligned action. You’ll learn how to hear the whisper of your soul that is guiding you to your exact next successful message and how to say it.


… even if you don’t know how to story tell, public speaking freaks you out, and you can’t hit the ‘Go Live’ button without panic.


You’ll discover that bumping up against triggers in real life is way different than imagining them during a journaling sesh. Inside this experience, you’ll learn how to navigate being in the limelight and overcome the fear of leading.


… even if you don’t have an offer, a following, or a logo yet.


Your success is so much more than a signature offer or brand design. In The Emergence Experience, you’ll learn how to create a connection with your authentic self that bypasses perfection to get straight to money making, impact having results.

What’s inside is life changing. Take a peek:


Module 1: You VS the 99%
  • Discover the secret to staying continually motivated to take action, even when things don’t go according to plan
  • Learn the energetics of following your intuition and how to stop drama high/low cycles so you can consistently quantum leap
  • Find techniques for handling triggers and reactivity with grace so that showing up as a leader becomes your natural state of being
  • Discover how to get what you want AND be supported by your loved ones, friends, and inner circle without competition
Module 2: Mechanics of Inspired Action
  • Learn how to be a productive, badass witch of a CEO without sacrificing your freedom, time with family, and personal life
  • Find out how to manage the stories that run wild in your head when you’re triggered and instantly come back to boss ass energy that leads to consistent inspired action
  • Hack productivity using systems that give sexy masculine strategy to your wild feminine chaos creating energy - In a way that leaves you wildly free instead of micro-managed on your calendar
Module 3: Next Level Leadership
  • Find the best ways to talk to loved ones, friends, clients, or anyone when it’s time for boundaries
  • Move past fear of confrontation to learn how to handle tough convos and boundaries with grace, compassion, and love
  • Learn the art of reverse engineering in a way that’s fun, leaves room for miracles, and still provides clarity through strategy
  • Learn how to navigate being an empath and healer who feels deeply while also showing up and leading during challenging times
Module 4: Relationships and Self Worth
  • Discover what it means to be ‘finished’ and bring projects, relationships, and goals to completion with grace
  • Let go of comparison and competition to find your own unique flavor and lane that gets you attention from the exact clients you want to work with (and the exact kind of people you want to be friends with)
  • Learn why some people troll us and how to stop being scared of other people’s criticism so you can speak up, loudly, about what you’re here to do
  • Discover powerful ways to shift anxiety and fear and come back to feeling empowered, strong, and ready to lead
  • Get rid of nasty conditioning around being seen as a bitch and learn to stay in your worth through standards and boundaries that get you what you want, faster
  • We will also be working with your unconscious mind through NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to rewrite old BS (belief systems) that are no longer serving you
  • Integrate beliefs on an unconscious level that lead to your success
Access to the YAI Community
  • We’ll all be hanging out inside our own safe space off of social media to share videos, voice notes, intuitive guidance, and our personal experiences
  • Get supported by moi and all your fellow revolutionary leaders as you go through the program 

Alisha Made 6-Figures From One of Our Sessions

"So my January is starting as a $100k month! I am so thankful for your GENIUS VIP day, I am obsessed with you."

Jessica Goschala went from $1k a month to $100k in six months

“The biggest shifts that happened were the inside, emotional shifts that changed everything during our work together.”

Jennifer Armstrong went from uncertain income to $7k+ recurring months

“Dayna is still the favorite coach I’ve ever worked with, no one has ever provided as much value as she did on every single call.”

Did you scroll down here hoping for a quickie? Let me oblige *wink*

The Emergence Experience is the fast track to your next level of income and impact through embodied authentic expression. As in, you WILL be sharing your thoughts online and be building money making relationships during this program. Is it turning you on yet?

14 Pre-Recorded Trainings

Everything inside The Emergence Experience has been designed to unleash your wise, wealthy, wicked sexy self. You can rest assured that these trainings will crack you open to your next level of leadership potential.


Value $2222 Included in The Emergence Experience

Visual Learning Aids and Potent Exercises

Never liked learning in the traditional way? Perfect, me either. You’ll have access to visual representations throughout the pre-recorded program so that you can see exactly what needs to happen to quantum leap your income and impact.


Value $1500 Included in The Emergence Experience

YAI Support Community

Because nothing helps with integration like getting supported through exactly what you’re going through by a community of badass witches. You’ll have access to the YAI community where you can hang with your fellow leaders. 

Value $500 Included in The Emergence Experience


  • This secret vault has plug and play templates for creating email sequences, podcast show notes, social media posts… There are the back end innards of million dollar businesses waiting for YOU to CTRL-C and CTRL-V that masculine structure into your biz.

Value $699 Included in The Emergence Experience

Freedom From Overanalysis

  • This masterclass style training will explain exactly why we get caught up in analysis paralysis and how to end the freeze reflex that stops us from taking aligned action.

Value $222 Included in The Emergence Experience

Freedom From Overanalysis

  • This masterclass style training will explain exactly why we get caught up in analysis paralysis and how to end the freeze reflex that stops us from taking aligned action.

Value $222 Included in The Emergence Experience

Wait a minute, hold up a hot sec. If you’ve made it all the way down here then you already know:


 1. Embodied authentic expression is the key to your manifestation magic

 2. The Emergence Experience can unlock your own unique magnetism

 3. If you sign attract a single client for $3k as a result of what you learned in The Emergence Experience, you’ll have doubled your investment #SexyAuthenticSales #ROImagic


I want you. Wise. Wealthy. & Wicked sexy.

In your power. Thriving. Sharing your story. Inspiring others. Making a shit ton of money. Helping as many people as you can. Reaching the masses. Lit up and loaded.

I want you to have the freedom I have to be myself, have fun, laugh my tits off, and make money from every move I make. To have clear confidence and certainty in yourself. To know your intuition as your best friend and use it to break the rules and create your own revolution.

And the Emergence Experience can give it all to you.




Hi, I’m Dayna.

A recovered boundary jelly fish and people pleaser who used to put everyone else’s happiness before my own.

I’ve successfully weaned myself off of my anxiety and depression medication.

I’ve overcome my fear of being judged or criticized and stopped comparing myself to others.

I’ve created my own lane with no traffic in a $7.5 billion dollar industry.

I’ve earned multiple six figures in my business in the last few years.

And some of my proudest moments are that:

    • I found love after a hard AF divorce
    • I’ve forgiven my iffy past and learned to love myself unconditionally
    • I’ve broken every traditional business rule to create an unprofessional empire
    • I cured my chronic anxiety and depression to become the happiest I’ve ever been




In my reality, I experience quantum growth regularly.

I receive mind-blowing miracles all the time.

I break all the rules and get better, faster results than anyone can make sense of.

And I’m calm, cool, and collected no matter what happens - I know exactly what to do.

I could go on bragging about myself unabashedly but I want to say this for sure:

If I can go from a broke divorcee in a basement suite with nothing but a suitcase to my name…


To a multiple six figure business owner who travels the world changing people’s lives…

Well, darling, the sky is the limit for you too.