Return home to the oracle you've always been and embrace your seductive magnetism






To Rewild is to return us to our natural state of being...


And you, my beloved, are a natural witch. An orchestrator of magic. A channel for source to speak divinity into existence. The oracle of truth beyond what regular eyes can see.


Come with me, back to a time

Where you were heralded as the



Wise woman



Medicine woman


Come with me, back to a time

Where your gifts were revered, cherished.


You remember this is who you are.

You feel it in your body, your yoni, your bones, your blood, your breath. Magic lives in you, in every cell of your being.


And it’s rising in you, an unstoppable tide ready to be unleashed from within, because this is the moment in herstory where we need you to remember, to guide and lead, in your fullest expression of your magic.

You want to be wanted - But do you feel safe to be desired?

Your intuition has spoken and you know you’re meant for more, baby. To hold it all and transmute through the vessel for source that is you.

But for centuries it's been coded into our DNA to keep it small, avoid attention, and hide our magic.

You’re ready to let go of every small playing safety blanket you've ever had and hold the more that is your big ass vision.

Maybe you've dipped a toe into sharing your psychic witchy gifts. Maybe you've posted that semi-sexy selfie even though you thought "What will Becky from high school think?" Maybe you've started to tell people just how woo woo you are.

And you know that to truly fulfill the purpose that is your massive vision...

You're going to have to let go of all concerns for what people will think about the fact that you're a mother fucking oracle and step into your gifts, full ass in.

Other leaders are rising. You see the potential in the space.

And you're ready to claim it is your time to rise, to unleash your full potential, to lead a movement unlike anything that's been seen.


  • Owning you full sensual expression and witchy AF intuitive gifts in a way that magnetizes your desires like moths to the flame that is you


  • Feeling safe to be seen and stepping into your full magic, expression, and potent power as a healer


  • Mastering the energetics of manifestation to play in the realm of miracles as a daily practice


  • Healing the generational trauma in your lineage to end patterns of struggle and lay foundations for a legacy of wealth


  • Abolishing fear so you can own the fullness of who you are and your unique gifts as a healer so the world can receive your medicine

Rewild the Witch is an immersion into you, your unique genius, and your psychic gifts so you can become the channel for change you're here to be.

… even if you struggle with fear, procrastination, and comparison.


In Rewild the Witch we'll be releasing limiting beliefs from the past. You'll then be free to reimagine a future of your own design and begin to play in the realm of limitless potentiality and magic that's always been available to you.


… even if you don’t know how to story tell, public speaking freaks you out, and you can’t hit the ‘Go Live’ button without panic.


You’ll discover that bumping up against triggers in real life is way different than imagining them during a journaling sesh. Inside this immersion, you’ll learn how to navigate being in the limelight and overcome the fear of leading.


… even if you haven't come out of the spiritual broom closet.


You've been conditioned, as we all have, to deny your own inner authority and magic. In this container, we're going to remember who TF we are and what we came here to do so you can reclaim your psychic gifts with confidence.

What’s inside this 6-week immersion is life changing:


Week 1: Reclaiming Your Most Sovereign, Sexy & Sensual Self
  • Learn to cultivate safety in your body to go big with your message and own your sensuality
  • Find a relationship with your body that feels good, like you're at home in your temple
  • Discover the way your purpose desires to express itself in your style, movements, and words
Week 2: Healing the Witch Wound to Embrace Your Gifts
  • Rewrite matrix programming holding you back from owning your true magic
  • Step into your most potent expression of your gifts
  • Learn the different types of intuitive and psychic abilities so you can hone your magic
Week 3: Healing the Sisterhood Wound to Come Back to Collaboration
  • Find techniques for handling triggers and reactivity with grace so that showing up as a leader becomes your natural state of being
  • Discover how to get what you want AND be supported by your loved ones, friends, and inner circle without competition
  • Heal the comparison and competition wounds of the past to embrace sisterhood and collaboration
Week 4: Discovering Tools for Divination
  • Reconnect with your intuition and psychic channel
  • Find your own special flavor of magic and favorite tools for divination
  • Reimagine what it looks like to work with source to bring your daydreams to life
Week 5: Ancestral Lineage Healing and Starseed Activation
  • Go on a journey to reconnect with your original lineage 
  • Rediscover gifts and codes that were given to you to use in this lifetime, in this paradigm to support the trajectory of humanity
Week 6: Mystery & Magic
  • Leave a bit to the unknown and see what happens, babe

You'll know this is the one for you if you're excited, if your yoni is tingling and your intuition is saying YES.


Rewild the Witch is the immersion for the intuitives, healers, and guides ready to unleash their ultimate magic and genius. The ones ready to stop holding back and own the fuck out of their power.

Is it turning you on yet? Here's how we'll do it:

- 6 pre-recorded calls with prompts and hypnosis journeys

- A private priestesshood voice messaging community (hosted on Voxer) for 6 weeks

- 12 months access to the transmissions, guides, and activations via a private Membership Portal

The Immersion

  • Access to the replays from my signature program The Immersion // Become an Aligned Channel of Quantum Growth. 
  • You'll learn:
    • The different types of psychic gifts
    • How to clear your channel as an empath
    • Clearing your channel to receive clear downloads
    • And so much more

Value $2222 Included in Rewild the Witch

Inside Rewild the Witch, you will discover:


△ True love and acceptance of your divinely made self

△ How to unlock and embrace your unique psychic gifts

△ The codes, gifts and past life memories which will allow you to fulfil your purpose as a leader of the New Earth

△ The alchemy of joy, fun and play as your way to wealth

△ How to unleash your inner wild woman and be seen in total confidence & alignment that leads to more wealth, impact and intimacy



I want YOU. All of you. Your wisest, wealthiest, wicked sexiest self... Unleashed.


In your power. Thriving. Sharing your story. Inspiring others. Making a shit ton of money. Helping as many people as you can. Reaching the masses. Lit up and loaded.

I want you to have the freedom I have to be myself, have fun, laugh my tits off, and make money from every move I make. To have clear confidence and certainty in yourself. To know your intuition as your best friend and use it to break the rules and create your own revolution.

And Rewild the Witch can give it all to you.




Hi, I’m Oracle Iconic.

You can call me Oracle or Dayna.

Simply put - I empower people to make their daydreams a reality using their intuition. As a Priestess of The Way, I am a wayshower for those incarnated as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine during this paradigm.

My signature D3 Methodology will take you through Discovery of your gifts, Deconditioning back to your authenticity, and Deliberate Action to radically shift your reality.

Some of my favorite accomplishments are:

    • I found love after a hard AF divorce
    • I’ve forgiven my iffy past and learned to love myself unconditionally
    • I’ve broken every traditional business rule to create an unprofessional empire
    • I cured my chronic anxiety and depression to become the happiest I’ve ever been




In my reality, I experience quantum growth regularly.

I receive mind-blowing miracles all the time.

I break all the rules and get better, faster results than anyone can make sense of.

And I’m calm, cool, and collected no matter what happens - I know exactly what to do.

I could go on bragging about myself unabashedly but I want to say this for sure:

If I can go from a broke divorcee in a basement suite with nothing but a suitcase to my name…


To a six figure business owner who travels the world changing people’s lives by owning my oracle…

Well, love, the sky is the limit for you, too.


Before you enter this portal,

put your hand on your heart and say it with me:

I am an original vessel for the love, for the light, a teacher of The Way.
While the origins have been lost through time, space, and humanity - I choose to remember. My soul knows. 

The path of the divine union is alive and well within me. I am ready to feel it’s pulsing power from my yoni to my crown, connecting me to source.

I am ready to unleash it in the world...
So they may remember through me, too.

I am a living channel of truth,
 A divine incarnate gifted to the world in the now.
A descendant of the work of the priestesses before me and lived through history in the sisterhoods of oracles.

Herstory is of the many medicine women, the healers, the seers, the ones which have been lost in History -
and I am ready to bestow my gifts on humanity once again during this pivotal time on the planet.

Let's Go, Love! 

It all starts by you pressing the button.


This immersion is included in T H E ⧊ W A Y mastermind.

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