A Mantra for Intuitive Opulence


My abundance is my sense of peace and joy in every moment,
My wealth is my deep fulfilling satisfaction with all I am surrounded by.
My luxury is the choice I have, the freedom to find it on the beach without spending a dollar or in the store on a bag priced more than rent.
Creating the faith - the trust in my inner Guidance.
I am a stream of divinity and being the channel has given me opulence.
Intuitive Opulence season is here.

Designing a Rich AF Legacy, Doing it Our Way

Because a healthy and wealthy mindset is one rooted in the truth of who you are.

If more followers meant more money, there wouldn’t be broke Instagram models
And if luxury wasn’t conditioned to mean status, there wouldn’t be people rocking knock off hand bags
And if people knew the truth - that money doesn’t save us - there wouldn’t be people renting Ferrari’s for Facebook ads
It’s time to use your intuition to find your own wealth codes
It’s time for Intuitive Opulence

Who are You Stripped of the Conditioning You Hold Around Money, Wealth, & Prosperity?

This is all about the identity you’re currently inviting in. How your True Self sees Opulence.
What this is NOT is an invitation to tell me what everybody else and their grandma sees as a “successful coach”. The wealth consciousness ideal that’s your BS security blanket layered above the truth.
This is where you get honest about what actually matters to you.
What if making money didn’t mean sacrifice, but doing what you love with faith
What if luxury didn’t mean projecting an image and keeping up an appearance, but being embodied and having choice
What if abundance wasn’t an attachment to an outcome, but fully being in the moment in authentic energy
What if...
Money, wealth, luxury
Weren’t something to strive for or do...
But something you get to simply be.

May You Know a Wealth So Abundant it Fills Your Soul as Much as Your Bank Account.

I used to think I wanted to stay in 5* resorts because that was what was projected as the image of someone who is successful in my industry. I did. And it didn’t fulfill me.
When I truly wanted to be alone and connect back to myself, I booked an open air bungalow on a farm in the middle of a rice field in the middle of nowhere.
My epiphany, and yours, is that the things you feel compelled to do or have when you want to feel the most connected to the truth of who you are IS your version of wealth, your Opulence.



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