This is a pre-recorded, 4-week, pedal to the metal accelerator for Intuitives in the coaching realm. This experience will take you from:

Burnt out trading time for money offers like $50 tarot readings and one on one clients only *sad face* to

✨ Sold out high ticket group offers and a sexy, sustainable, scalable business model that can take you to 6-figures and beyond 

I'll be teaching how to use Human Design and empath friendly business strategies to sell out high ticket group programs (minus the burn out and self sacrifice).

Want that? Cha-ching, witches, you’re in the right place.


Lemme ask you something…

If I handed you 1000 clients tomorrow, would you be on a one way first class flight to Mexico with an open calendar and systems taking care of your clients…

Or would you have a total meltdown wondering how TF you were gonna handle the overload of that many new people in your world?

The latter? Cool, keep reading.

Is this you?

⧋ You’ve made a bit of cash online and maybe even landed some clients in the thousands $$$ of dollars range… but every time you wanna GO BIG you end up burnt out or procrastinating

⧋ You have done the strategy courses that gave you the templates and scripts but something about them feels off and just not you… you’re ready to magnetize clients by being YOU with confidence

⧋ You’ve burned your business to the ground a few times because the branding, your messaging, *something* didn’t feel right (and you trust your intuition above all else!!)… but you’re ready to NAIL it this time and create something you desire to commit to

⧋ You’re over doing one-off Human Design or Tarot Card readings that fill up your calendar with calls and you want to blow the fuck up out of your bank account and visibility *without* adding a shit ton of hours to your schedule

Psssst… I see you. I get you. You’re in the right place.


I’m going to show you exactly how to create the foundations of a wonderfully witchy and wildly successful 6-figure online business YOUR way… By honoring your unique energy, gifts, and authentic expression as the priority.


So if you’re ready to get bold and rebellious to create a larger than life legacy on your terms, this is for you.

I didn’t always have a business that gave me time, money, and location freedom.

I used to be attached to my calendar, taking calls all day every day, barely managing to keep up with client work. Not to mention all the other tasks like posting on social media, writing sales copy, offer creation… you get me.


My business had become my boss. And even though I was working my ass off, I was barely scraping by and had traded my paycheck-to-paycheck day job for a paycheck-to-paycheck hobby.


Today I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from newbies to multi-million dollar CEO’s find systems, strategies, and business models that work for their unique energy type. I’ve helped a lot of incredible humans create their version of freedom in love, life, and business. Will you be one of them?

My D3 Methodology will take you from

Stagnant, burnt out, and broke to >> Thriving, wealthy, sold out sexy ass witch

Discover your own psychic gifts and how to use them to create a life of absolute time, financial, and location freedom. We’ll define your end goal and what fulfills you in a way that gives absolute clarity so there's complete confidence in your intuition and the next steps

Once we know the North on your own fulfillment calibrated compass, we’ll look at why it hasn’t happened yet. There are certain hurtles that are unique to you because of your own upbringing and experiences. You’ll learn how to reprogram them so self-sabotage and feeling stuck is a thing of the past

You’ll receive my exact formulas, strategies, templates, and technical know-how to build a stand out brand. These foundations are everything I wish I had to take specific actions that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible

If you’re still with me, then I’m super excited to pull back the curtain on the masterpiece that is the


Intuitive Business Sorcery  // The Accelerator

Master the Realm of High Ticket Offers, Magnetic Messaging, & a Stand-Out Brand to Become a High Paid Priestess


Exactly What's Included


Inside there are:

  • Lifetime access to the REBEL[vault] of copy-paste templates for social media posts, email sequences, PDF guides, lead magnets, and more $666 Value  Included
    • This will take you from "How do I do that?" to "I have everything I need!" when it comes to the strategy + back end of your future 6-figure coaching business
  • Access to the YAI Community portal where you can ask questions and get additional support (this is not hosted on social media)
    • Got a question in between calls? No problem! Come ask in the community and be supported by your fellow witches or leave a comment on the Q+A thread to be answered by Dayna during the next call
  • Pre-recorded trainings and PDF workbooks A $6,660 Value  Included
    • Week 1: Creating Potent High Ticket Offers
    • Week 2: Intimate Sales Connection that Leads to Being a Sold Out Witch
    • Week 3: Branding & Magnetic Messaging that Calls in Soulmate Clients
    • Week 4: Hiring Support & Setting Up the Tech
  • Receive a library of PDF guides, hypnotic journeys, and journal prompts $2,222 Value  Included

How it works:

  • Payment is made
  • You will be given immediate access to the membership portal with the vault + community
  • Live group program session schedule and Q+A threads will be posted in the community
  • Live group coaching sessions will happen on Zoom and you'll receive access to replays within 72 business day hours after the Live via email
  • You will be sent an email with login details for continued access 







Bonus Prework


In these trainings you will learn:

  • How to identify your soul's purpose in this lifetime using your Human Design Chart
  • How to make clear, aligned decisions that quantum leap you
  • What drives and motivates you & how to harness that energy to get what you want, fast

Investment $111  Included

Alisha Made 6-Figures From One of Our Sessions

"So my January is starting as a $100k month! I am so thankful for your GENIUS VIP day, I am obsessed with you."

Jessica Goschala went from $1k a month to $100k in six months

“The biggest shifts that happened were the inside, emotional shifts that changed everything during our work together.”

Jennifer Armstrong went from uncertain income to $7k+ recurring months

“Dayna is still the favorite coach I’ve ever worked with, no one has ever provided as much value as she did on every single call.”

Imagine what life would look like if your calendar was open, sales were rolling in from happy AF clients, and you had totally unshakeable confidence in what to do next.


You ready?

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