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Reclaiming Purpose :: Episode 7 (Success Story // Amy McCoan and Mona Luna on Finding Intuition through Reconnection to Emotions)

Feb 15, 2021



In this episode of Reclaiming Purpose, we are discussing Success Story // Amy McCoan and Mona Luna on Finding Intuition through Reconnection to Emotions. This is part of the Success Story series, where we share a client story from You Are Intuit.


Mona Luna is a Soul Purpose and Transformation Guide. She helps heart-centered womxn create freedom and abundance through soul purpose work. Through coaching, moon circles, tarot, and yoga, she creates sacred spaces for you to reconnect with your body, your intuition, and a loving community. She loves working with recovering perfectionists to cultivate courage and confidence to take epic leaps towards the life of their wildest dreams!

Mona is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Life + Success Coach, and Certified Womxn's Circle Leader. She lives in San Diego with her partner Brett and their cat Frida and loves to surf, hike, write, eat burritos, and pet every dog she meets.



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Not All Spiritual Leaders Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Feb 13, 2021
Some “spiritual leaders” don’t want to love you or see you rise to your highest potential. They want to play a game of cultish power struggle.
When they’re winning, their world is usually highlighted by the indoctrination of a hierarchal structure where they become the Guru, they are seen as ‘closer to God than thou’ - although this may be meagerly disguised as 'more ascended' or 'more conscious'. And others who don’t understand them or their teachings are somehow ‘further from God’... or less ascended, less conscious, less expanded, etc.
It is inTOXICating - even for the followers.
There’s this essence to it that’s other worldly, that pulls us out of our mundane humanness and into other worldly connectedness to the esoteric - in a way that’s so ungrounding it’s hard to come back down to reality.
And who isn't searching for an escape from the harsh...
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Demystifying Spiritual Terms: 'Intuitive'

Feb 11, 2021


According to my Dayna Dictionary:
This simply means “Knowing without conscious reasoning.” An Intuitive sources information from within, from their own INTUITION.
They’re tapped into their own innate intuitive GPS and use this to make decisions and know things with confidence - without the need for a logical explanation.
Everyone’s intuition is unique.
I use Human Design and my energetic gifts to help individuals become highly intuitive.
Some intuitives are also PSYCHIC.


Often when we’re NOT using our conscious mind to rationalize what we’re experiencing, we are then being led by extrasensory perception aka ESP.
This can take many forms.


Having an ESP of sight, a vision


Having an ESP of knowing something without understanding “where the...
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It's Time for Leaders to Come Back to Compassion

Feb 10, 2021
I received the most beautiful compliment from a new friend yesterday. We had spent our first friend date in a small alcove of the ocean, floating as the sky turned to sherbet, and talking about
🤍 Love
✨ Our healing journeys
👁 Fake love end light versus real depth
🏝 Being in the Bali bubble and the state of the world 🌎 during this transition
The conversation was effortless. In fact, I teared up as I told her how safe I felt to be real and unfiltered with her.
She said “this is what it’s all about”... and she was right. Intimate connection. Space to open up and be authentic. Knowing it may or may not land as intended, and still feeling emboldened to speak truth. True spaciousness, true love.
It was a monumental moment for me in my evolution as someone who has had deep sisterhood wounds my whole life. She also told me she felt I had a deep sense of Compassion. Which honestly - has been the greatest compliment...
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Thoughts On the Sisterhood Wound

Feb 09, 2021
On sisterhood, oh, oh the wound runs deep.
Today I was on a call for a program I’m participating in. I shared, right at the beginning of speaking, how I had weird feelings coming up around sharing. I’d held myself back from sharing on the call first.
I was uncomfortable to not be leading (aka in control). Part of me joining was because of a recent fall out and I felt scared to be powerful, to trigger others.
For me, this is correlated with abandonment.
I’ve had many conversations with fellow witches who have had past life readings and were burned at the stake. I believe many of the souls I encounter now, in this life - it wasn’t safe for us to be in our power in the past. We weren’t accepted.
When we try to go there together, it leads to fear and rejection.
How many times have you poured out your soul, only to be rejected?
How many times have those claiming to hold and support you, left you...
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Demystifying Spiritual Terms: 'Paradigm'

Feb 08, 2021



A paradigm is simply a Pattern - aka something predictable and recurring. To get a little more woo in the definition, it is something we have collectively chosen to believe in and have therefore brought to ‘reality/the grid/the matrix’ through our focus and awareness.
Our collective belief.
Ok let’s get all Quantum Physic-y.
Subatomic molecules actually change their appearance based on the observer’s perception [STUDY]
So we know that when two people shift their perceptions, they will shift the way they both perceive matter together
When we talk about “PARADIGM shifting” we are taking about changing collective or individual perception so that the way we experience the world changes - and therefore the matter changes to match that perception.
When we do this, we change patterns aka PARADIGMS.
Which means what...
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Be a Rebel, Lightworkers. We Need You.

Feb 08, 2021
In today's day and age, the greatest act of rebellion isn't always protests with pitchforks and torches. It isn't rallies and marches. It isn't physical violence.
It isn't, in my opinion, actually any of our traditional views of rebellion or anarchy at all.
Today's rebellion is different. It's using your voice authentically, even when it means going against the mainstream narrative.
And this rebellion...
It isn’t always loud.
It isn’t an act of rage. Sometimes, it’s as subtle as a silent decision.
As quiet as the word “no” uttered once.
It can be a simple departure from the norm.
The peaceful walk the other way.
A choice to shift.
To leave what is familiar.
To become…
Not what is expected of you.
Because have you noticed? This is the greatest ask of you by hierarchal systems as we know them. The ask isn't to go to war or risk being drafted... today, the ask is "do as you are told and...
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Reclaiming Purpose :: Episode 6 (Dayna Diary // Finding Vulnerability after Being a People Pleaser)

Feb 07, 2021



In this episode of Reclaiming Purpose, we are discussing Dayna Diary // Finding Vulnerability after Being a People Pleaser. This is part of the DAYNA DIARY series, where we share a personal story with Dayna, the founder of You Are Intuit.


In this episode, you we discuss:

[8:00] - A Personal Story from Dayna Lisa on Being a Fragmented Version of Self
[13:00] - Insights On Why We Sometimes Don’t Feel Rejected and Sometimes We Do
[23:50] - Takeaways on Becoming Truly Vulnerable after Letting Go of People Pleasing and Over Achieving

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How to Become a Master Manifestor

Feb 05, 2021
“Why isn’t my manifestation coming to me?”
You’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to be prettier, smarter, fitter, sexier, anything.
In fact, you’re literally designed for the success you desire.
Your human avatar was equipped with the exact superpowers necessary to achieve level 100.


  1. Maybe someone taught you what you desire isn’t possible, so you’re dreaming too small or focusing on things you don’t actually want
  2. Your unconscious beliefs - and therefore conscious thoughts and in turn actions - don’t support your vision
That’s it!
When we shift these, everything changes and our most magnetic self beams forth.
Suddenly, miracle style magic becomes the norm.


Stop visualizing. Vision boarding. Doing old school LOA work.
(Unless that’s working for you......
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Mastering Uplevels: My Story from $200 to $15k in 48 Hours

Feb 01, 2021
From $200 in the bank and no way to pay rent… to a $15k client deal and a one way ticket to Croatia in 48 hours.
Sound like a bad marketing headline? It really happened to me!
Have you ever been to Calgary, Alberta? It’s a country loving, rodeo digging, large and steely city. Which may be appealing to some… but is basically my worst nightmare. I wasn’t there by choice either (or at least it didn’t feel like it).
My partner of the time had decided that we had to go live there. That the only way we were going to get our personal affairs (primarily finances… he was - and presumably is - an accountant) under control was to go live in his dad’s apartment in one of the least desirable cities I could imagine. It was his hometown. He had a support system there. One that I was expected to adopt as my own while I adjusted to living in a placed I didn’t want to be.
I was full of resentment and bitterness...
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