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2021 Goals & Realizations

Jan 01, 2021

Happy New Year fam jam. And welcome to this space where I plan to be spilling my guts to you on the reg. Maybe from the beach somewhere but let’s get real, it’s often going to be from in bed with my cup of tea or coffee.

I’ve been craving full freedom of expression, full unfiltered soul spills, and I really love to write. So this blog is going to be getting way less perfect repurposed content and way more unfiltered attention.

I recently did a talk where I discussed leaving facebook. I’m not gonna lie - a large reason of deciding to go this route was straight up disbelief of the cancel culture and toxic environment that the platform had become.

My feed was highly curated, and yet I felt as though I was seeing divisive commentary or fake happiness every single day.

And I decided: “Where there isn’t full freedom of expression isn’t a place I can find true belonging.”

Here are some of the beliefs I hold that I didn’t feel safe to...

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Relationships That Make You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

Dec 02, 2020

Relationships are scary. Right? 

Or maybe you’re like I used to be... that life is meaningless if we’re not in a relationship. It’s a problem to be solved by swiping and endless dating.

We all have different stories and conditioning around relationships. Conditioning that was instilled in us by our parents, our friends, the media.

Finding a good relationship can feel like winning the lottery…. but it’s not. It’s energetics.

I’m here to tell you that the secret isn’t all about finding someone that is perfectly compatible with you. 

It’s about the work. No, this isn’t a blog about couple’s therapy.

This is about the individual work that you will both have to do in order to create an emotionally fulfilling relationship. 

The things you can do, that are within your power, that will benefit everyone involved. 

Intuitive Intimacy

My partner Luke and I decided to create this massive project together....

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30 Life Lessons Learned Before I Turned 30

Nov 17, 2020

It was my birthday on November 6th and it was sooooo special (with a particular thanks to my boyfriend Luke - he made an awesome vlog of the day too, check it out here). 

I was surprise with a magical trip to Uluwatu in Bali and found the most incredible cliffside resort. We had to hike down stairs built into the cliff face and suddenly the view opened up into this stunning little nest of rooms built right into the cliff.

We could’ve jumped into the ocean from our room’s window! (if it wasn’t so rocky and shallow below hehe)

It was the changing of a decade, the final chapter of my 20’s. I turned 30 in 2020! And honestly, after spending some time to reflect on my 20’s I can say with absolute certainty that my 30’s is going to be waaaaay better!

My 20’s started as rocky as those Uluwatu shores by the cliff. This decade has started with a bang of success, love, and happiness that I know is only going to get better. I’m so so so...

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Intuition Test: How To Strengthen Your Intuition

Nov 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered how you can test your intuition? 

Do you have a hard time thinking about what your intuition actually feels like? 

I’m gonna break it down for you. 

Everyone’s Intuition is different. The way you experience it, the way it feels, how it responds to different people or situations is going to be totally unique to you. 

We all have different intuitive gifts. We all have special psychic abilities. Our psychic abilities can also play a role in how we receive guidance. 

From God. 

From the Universe. 

From ourselves. 

Discovering Your Gifts

Psychic abilities can be experienced with any of your senses. You may hear things, see things, smell things etc. 

It could be a deep knowing. A physical sensation. Or an emotional response

We can experience the energy around us and receive this information differently. There is no right or wrong way to experience your intuition. 

I use Human Design with my clients...

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Love At First Sight And Intuition

Nov 10, 2020

Do you ever feel that hit of butterflies in your stomach just from looking at someone?

Maybe you see them across the room and make eye contact.

Your heart races. Is this your intuition pulling you toward them magnetically?

Or is it “love at first sight” that everyone talks about?

Let’s talk about what is your intuition vs what is love at first sight.

For a lot of people their intuition is an automatic response.

Not for everyone, especially those who have emotional authorities in their human design. Check out this blog post if you want to learn more about your own inner authority. Emotional authorities may take more time to sit on and feel their intuition.

Most people’s intuitive response is instant.

This is where it can get confusing differentiating the two.

What is Love at First Sight

This is a concept that we hear about in the media, romantic stories since the beginning of storytelling have talked about the concept of love at first sight.

That instant...

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The Badass Persona And Being Guarded

Nov 08, 2020

Do you identify as the badass? 

The rebel?

Maybe you get called cold or distant. Maybe you even get called a bitch. 

But you wear those titles like a crown!

It makes you a total boundary badasses, right? Who cares what other people think… because you are protected. 

This is a persona that I myself wore, for a very long time. I want to talk about the difference between being a true badass and having a tough exterior in order to remain guarded. 

Boundaries Becoming Barriers

Growing up I was a people pleaser. I would put my own health and wellbeing on the backburner in the name of likability.

When I started on this journey of self improvement I learned about boundaries. I learned that I could prioritize myself. And that led me in the polar opposite direction. I started to create walls. Barriers around my true identity. Barriers around my relationships. 

I would cut people out of my life if they didn’t meet my quality standards. I was often alone. I...

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Intuition In Relationships

Oct 30, 2020

My partner Luke and I come from very different relationship histories and backgrounds. I was in a 7 year relationship. He was a professional basketball player who was single for the majority of his adult life. 

We practiced very different ways of communicating. 

We’ve been able navigate our relationship by listening to our own inner guidance systems and being willing to work on our own triggers and shadows that come up within our relationship.

Luke’s Story

Luke came from a background of believing that a relationship would restrict him. He valued his freedom more. He thought he couldn’t have fun and freedom within the confines of a relationship.

He was a travelling professional athlete and didn’t want anything to stop him from having fun. And at the time he truly believed that a relationship would do just that. 

He didn't want to have to deal with the hard parts that he believed came along with every relationship. 




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What Is A Trigger vs My Intuition Saying No

Oct 29, 2020

You’ve been triggered before. 

It’s that terrible feeling you get when someone says or does something that brings up past hurt for you. 

You’ve experienced this hurt before and that’s why you often have such an explosive reaction.

But what does it feel like then, when your intuition is telling you no? 

What does that deep inner guidance of needing change feel like? Is this you looking to abandon yourself and others again? Or are you just being triggered?

You might be in a relationship with someone and find yourself constantly being triggered. Old relationship trauma is bubbling to the surface and giving you those old feelings of inadequacy that maybe you thought you had dealt with. 

Is this relationship wrong for you? Or is it just the scars of your past twinging with pain?

You don’t want to just dip out on relationships and situations that are triggering you. You want to be able to build intimate relationships with people who are...

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Why We Feel The Need To Fake It Till We Make It (And What To Do Instead)

Oct 20, 2020

Where are you wearing masks in your life? Who do you feel like you need to pretend to be in front of certain people, specific audiences?

Or have you released all of your facades? You’d be surprised where they can creep back into your life unexpectedly. 

Let’s talk about the energetics of why we feel obligated to 'fake it til we make it' and how our ego & shadow develop over time.

I’ll get into why this happens, how you can prevent it from happening and how you can shift it when it’s already begun. 

What is faking it?

Most people have an idea of who they think they need to be in order to be successful. In order to be deserving of everything they want and need. 

People live their life trying to fulfill the obligation of appearing to be or trying to become that type of person. Because we are told that we can’t have everything we want just by being ourselves. 

For example, when you go to school you are told that being smart means you...

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The Intuit Archetypes: Learn How To Trust Yourself

Oct 18, 2020

How many times have you found yourself in the same situation? 

Back at “square one.”

Questioning your worth. 

Wondering where you went wrong. 

All because you didn’t surrender and trust your intuition in the first place. 

For you my darling, I’ve created The Intuit Archetypes. I created these archetypes as part of the Deconditioning in my D3 method that I’m teaching RIGHT NOW inside of Intuitive Opulence

Together we work on deconditioning anything that has held you back or stopped you from trusting your intuition in the past. Part of that process is raising your awareness about which of these archetypes continually play out in your life. 

Frequently you can recognize a pattern that occurs in your life because of your inability to trust your intuition. 

There’s four archetypes. At least one is going to resonate with you. And it’s going to be triggering. That’s how you know where there is inner child...

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