Learn how to use your Human Design to get more of what you want

These free audio insights will help you understand what Human Design is, how to leverage your Type’s Strategy for manifestation, and actions to take today to unblock your success.


Human Design Manifesting Generators: Guidance for Career & Life

Jan 11, 2021

If you’ve found your way to my blog to learn about Human Design, your probably down the rabbit hole and looking for a way to actually use it in your life.


You’re ready to take control of your life and manifest your dream reality. 


And the groovy thing is, Human Design can do that for you. I’m a living and breathing testament. Learning that I’m a Projector changed my life.


And I’m going to teach you how to use all aspects of your chart in order to live your life in full alignment and achieve all your goals effortlessly, like I did. 


Cus #Facts - You are perfectly DESIGNED as you are to have all your unique desires. 


What is a Manifesting Generator


Welcome, my lovely Manifesting Generators, or my Mani Gens as I like to say.


At this point I'm sure that you’ve learned at least a little about your type. Let’s dive into a little cliff notes first, shall we?


All Generators...

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Human Design Projector: Guidance for Career & Life

Jan 10, 2021

So, you’re here after looking up your Human Design Chart and discovered that you're a Projector type. I am, too! But, what does it mean to be a Human Design Projector? 


What is the essence of Projectors? 


What does it mean and why does it matter? 


How can I use this information to create the life I’m dreaming of? 


I’m going to tell you all that and more.


In fact, I’m going to teach you how to use your Human Design to create epic wins on the daily. We even get as specific as how to use your Human Design type to improve your business marketing right now.


You’ll walk away with tangible results that you can start applying to your life TODAY. You’ll be able to: 

  • Avoid burnout
  • Manifest quickly
  • Improve your communication skills and solidify boundaries
  • Create financial and personal freedom


As Projectors, we are “non-energy types”. This means we have no defined sacral...

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Reclaiming Purpose :: Episode 1 (D3 Methodology // Why Your Intuition Will Set You Free)

Jan 09, 2021


In this episode of Reclaiming Purpose, we are discussing D3 Methodology // Why Your Intuition Will Set You Free. This is part of the D3 METHODOLOGY series, where we share a personal story with Dayna, the founder of You Are Intuit.


In this episode, you we discuss:

[06:30] - The Breakthrough that Initiated You Are Intuit

[17:42] - Everyday Truths about Our Intuition and the Way We are Raised  

[31:20] - A Look Into the D3 Methodology [discover, decondition, deliberate action]

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Human Design Manifestor: Guidance for Career & Life

Jan 09, 2021

Being a Human Design Manifestor puts you with about 8% of the innovative thinking out-the-box visionaries of the distant past and today. 


You guys are wicked at coming up with brand spanking new ideas that can change the way you, me, and us see the future of the world. One of the hardest parts of being a Human Design Manifestor is simply that you are a lesser percentage of the population…


And a lot of what you’ve been taught you need to be (aka conditioned to believe) goes against the grain of the truth of who you are.


Let’s face it - we’ve all experienced burnout and uncertainty in some form or other. Uncertainty about your life path, your career, your relationships. Asking yourself if you are even fulfilled in the work you do. 


The secret to avoiding recurring burnout patterns, series of shitty relationships, and other undesirable cyclical patterns with mega highs and lows is learning more about who you are underneath...

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Human Design Generators: Guidance for Career & Life

Jan 09, 2021

We’ve all experienced burnout and uncertainty. Uncertainty about your life path, your career. Asking yourself if you are even fulfilled in the work you do.


(I’ve been there too, so I see you)


The secret to avoiding these cyclical burnout patterns of bad jobs, sh*tty relationships, and unfulfilling projects is learning more about who you truly are and then becoming you. 


What stops us from doing this is conditioning.


Conditioning = What you’ve been taught is required of you to be, do, or think in order to achieve goals, live a satisfying life, or be a good person.


It’s the societal conditioning (from or parents, school, our culture, ancestral trauma, and more) that creates this uncertainty within ourselves. 


Human Design is your road map back to your authentic self. Your road map back to your magnetism, and your key to creating fulfilling success.


If you’ve found yourself here that means you...

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Psychic Predictions? Quotes from The Social Dilemma

Jan 09, 2021

We can’t really be shocked by what’s happening economically or socially in the world right now. While it is shockING to the nervous system, it was all too foreseeable based on the path humanity, big tech, and politics was heading down.


Sure, 2020 might’ve happened a few years later had it not been for the virus.


We could’ve maybe bought a bit of extra time to contemplate said trajectory if not for the pandemic that perpetuated fear around the world.


I mean, let’s get real:


What do you do when you can’t see your friends anymore? Hug your family? Go to work? Go to school?


People had no where to turn for connection while in isolation except one place: Social Media.




Netflix created a documentary called The Social Dilemma. It came out almost exactly a year ago from this post, January 26th 2020.


And while it may have come out before the proverbial shit hit...

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HomoLuminous // The New Evolution of Human & What it Means for Leadership

Jan 07, 2021

The Homoluminous. The new evolution of human.


If you haven’t watched Sense 8 on Netflix yet, I’m telling you to now. The first time I watched Sense 8 about a year and a half ago, I felt so invested and connected to the show. It’s characters and story felt so human and real to me. There was something about it that resonated incredibly deeply with me. 


It was upon rewatching it recently that a line from the show made my brain IMPLODE. They are talking about concepts on this show that are extremely trendy right now in the spiritual world. And this made me realize how many people are awakened to these concepts, given the fact that it’s made it into the mainstream media. 


The line that absolutely shook me to my core happens in a conversation between two characters talking about a new evolution of humans. These humans are telepathically connected and share experiences despite all of their inherent differences. The human race as it...

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Psychic Sales & Effortless Intuitive Marketing

Jan 06, 2021

If you’re reading this, you have psychic abilities. 


Abilities you are working with energetically to help heal people, to empower others to become the fullest expressions of themselves. 


And in this - You’re a leader. People are naturally drawn to you, looking for this empowerment.


As a psychic healer you also have a hard time with sales. They feel... of to you. Like people should be able to see you and your gifts. Not need convincing of them.

Maybe you do your best to avoid sales conversations all together to avoid coming off salesy or ingenuine. 


Right now, the world is in the middle of a massive shift. An ascension. A great awakening. We are the guides and healers that are meant to lead the collective into the new world. You are part of guiding this shift.


The ascension doesn’t mean slowing down. You can be there for your clients and make money effortlessly while doing it. Just because the energetics of sales is...

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Darkworkers and Lightworkers and Beyond // Understanding Pandemic Energetics

Jan 05, 2021

Lightworkers. Darkworkers. Feminine. Masculine. The less conscious. The awakened. Black. White.


The polarity itself is not dissolving. However, the way we meet in the middle to find unique shades of grey is evolving.


As we enter this portal of shifting and changing, where there's no such thing as 'normal' returning, we are offered the ultimate choice:


Will we continue to choose Fear that creates separation… or Love that creates unity?


Let’s explore the energetics at play during the 2020-2024 paradigm shift and how YOU (as a healer, intuitive, guide) can empower unity.

Lightworkers and Darkworkers (and Beyond)

The Lightworkers are those who elevated past human conditioning and emotional reactivity to come to a place of being of service to others through the transmutation of energy. As we started to explore what it means to have not only a physical body but a light body, we developed an understanding of humanity that is beyond what it means to...

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Cancel Culture is Toxic: I Used to Be a Proud Liberal and Then...

Jan 02, 2021

2020 was the year of division. Opinions split. Relationships ended over political stances. Facebook became the home of cancel culture.


The funny thing is, we’ve never had more in common with one another globally then we do right now. This year, everyone who isn’t an elitist superpower with an underground bunker and backup plan sat in fear.


Fear of losing a job or their business going under.

Fear of their loved ones getting sick.

Fear of never finding a vaccine or the vaccine being a means of controlling the population.

Fear of cash flow, cryptocurrency, and the centralized banking system.

Fear of secret underground pedophile rings or being controlled by an online cult.


This was the year where crisis hit our entire planet and all of humanity was asked to respond.


Some did. And some reacted instead.


I watched as it became Us vs Us across the world. Left VS Right. Pro Vax VS Anti Vax. Conspiracy theorists VS social media.



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Learn how to use your Human Design to get more of what you want

These free audio insights will help you understand what Human Design is, how to leverage your Type’s Strategy for manifestation, and actions to take today to unblock your success.