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Demystifying Spiritual Terms: 'Consciousness'

Feb 22, 2021


Dayna Dictionary in action:
Consciousness refers to our awareness. What is “conscious” in our mind we can observe with our awareness - we can “think” about it.
(Unlike our unconscious, which does things like keep our heart beating without our awareness)
Consciousness comprises approximately 12% of our brain. It’s our daily thoughts. The study of what goes on here is “Mindfulness.”

How this affects manifestation and living an awesome life:

Quantum Physics has shown that subatomic particles arrange themselves differently based on the viewer’s perception. [STUDY]
So, in short, consciousness (also our “perception”) literally changes our sensory experience -
As the way we perceive the world through our conscious awareness alters the arrangement of matter itself.
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Reclaiming Purpose :: Episode 8 (Current // Politics, Opinions, & Our Intuition)

Feb 21, 2021



In this episode of Reclaiming Purpose, we are discussing Current // Politics, Opinions, & Our Intuition. This is part of the Current series, where we explore current events from the perspective of intuition energetics.


In this episode, you we discuss:

[3:42] - Learning to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere
[26:00] - Choose your own conversation
[40:00] - My foundation of truth

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Demystifying Spiritual Terms: 'Alignment'

Feb 18, 2021




You've heard it used in ways such as:
“It’s just not in alignment, that’s why it didn’t work.”
“Is it aligned for you?”
“It worked because for them it was aligned. Maybe it just wasn’t for you.”
The insinuation is that when things are ALIGNED they magically work out.
Which they do - and here’s why... in case you’ve heard this thrown around without anyone ever explaining why it works.
ALIGNMENT is this:
A) our soul desire >>
B ) Matches our unconscious beliefs >>
C) Matches our conscious thoughts >>
D) Matches the actions we are taking
= The outcome of this formula being our desired reality.


It’s simple in theory. In practice what happens is:
1) we don’t know what our true desires are because we have accepted or rejected societal,...
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On Perfectionism, Overachievement, and People Pleasing in Coaching

Feb 18, 2021
Perfectionism. Overachievement. People pleasing. The truth is, I used to live my life for other people.

My conditioning from society, from my parents and from the school system led to me to be a people pleaser. An over analyzer. And an over achiever, paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

I was so out of touch with my intuition that I tried to force myself to be happy in miserable situations that I knew deep down weren't in alignment with what I truly wanted.

I forced myself to stay in unhappy jobs, and relationships. Caught in codependency because that was all I knew.

I went to university straight out of high school then started and stopped multiple degrees because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I thought doing all of that was easier and safer than the unknown. The uncomfortable growth that comes with releasing what doesn't make you happy.

It was what I had to do to bring me here. I am so grateful for all of the lessons I learned to get me to where I am today.

So what...
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What is Surrender?

Feb 17, 2021
What is surrender?
What does it mean to give it up to the Universe, to God, to Source... to trust and have faith? To be in our feminine energy? To lean back?
I've distilled the truth of surrender, through my own personal experience, into one simple statement:
The truth of surrender is learning you cannot micro manage miracles.
My favorite mantra in moments where this innate wisdom slips away from my consciousness is "Expect miracles and then that becomes the standard." Isn't it funny how much of what we feel, think, and believe are self fulfilling prophecies? And in fact, it's been validated by studies in Quantum Physics like the Two Slit Experiment that this is absolutely true... We are the Observer, the Observed, and the Act of Observing simultaneously. And through this, there are infinite possibilities available to us moment by moment that we then choose though the focus of our awareness.
And so, simply put, if our awareness chooses...
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Being an Ice Queen Does NOT Equal Boundaries

Feb 16, 2021
What the actual F have ‘Boundaries’ become in the coaching industry? I’m not into it. It’s not healthy.
They’re actually brick walls, barriers to entry. Hold bars on our healing.
(And, even worse **gasp** they’re not actually helping us get what we want)
Personal example:
I wanted to date a Tony Robbins and found myself with either:
1. The broke spiritual guys or
2. The rich and boring guys
Like - I wanted it all. The man who was abundant AND was personally developed. The sexy spiritual abundant guy who didn’t just talk about abundance but could actually afford to take me out.
Oh and by the way - preference is over 6 feet with a gorgeous smile, m’kay Universe?
“Ugh. I’m not settling for anything less than….” I kept saying. And I had people echo all around me things like “what you settle for becomes your standards” etc
So I was cutting people out...
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A Love Letter to Self When You're Feeling Lost

Feb 16, 2021
What’s true for me, in this moment:
  • I feel the happiest I’ve ever been (simultaneously I am scared to say that as I deprogram fear around “too good to be true”)
  • I feel as though I’m fulfilling my purpose and building what will be my game changing signature program
  • A nugget I found in my journal from March 12th: “I am alchemizing how I truly don’t have to talk about anything I’m not compelled to to create my dream. I am free to be.”

Truth be told, there was a large portion of the last year where I lost myself entirely. I had to do a lot of self forgiveness work as people I thought I was aligned with fell away, relationships changed and shifted, and I admitted to myself fundamental truths of my soul and the lies keeping me from embodying them.

So here is the forgiveness letter I wrote to myself, so that you may use it as inspiration for those days you snap back to truth, only to see you lost yourself for a bit.


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Demystifying Spiritual Terms: 'Embodiment'

Feb 15, 2021


You've probably heard it used in ways such as:
“Are you embodied in the work you’re doing?”
“You have to be the embodiment of the practice.”
“She’s so embodied in it.”
Dayna Dictionary in action:
I’m going to explain a couple concepts here, because embodiment also has to do with another word we hear used a lot: INTEGRATION
The dictionary definition of this is actually quite perfect.
My friend Merriam says embodiment is “someone or something that is a perfect representative or example of a quality, idea, etc.”
When we are EMBODIED we are a living exemplification of our work. An example that what we teach truly gets a result - as shown through the result that is us.
We do this through INTEGRATION. Integration happens when we take something that we have as knowledge -
Such as...
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Reclaiming Purpose :: Episode 7 (Success Story // Amy McCoan and Mona Luna on Finding Intuition through Reconnection to Emotions)

Feb 15, 2021



In this episode of Reclaiming Purpose, we are discussing Success Story // Amy McCoan and Mona Luna on Finding Intuition through Reconnection to Emotions. This is part of the Success Story series, where we share a client story from You Are Intuit.


Mona Luna is a Soul Purpose and Transformation Guide. She helps heart-centered womxn create freedom and abundance through soul purpose work. Through coaching, moon circles, tarot, and yoga, she creates sacred spaces for you to reconnect with your body, your intuition, and a loving community. She loves working with recovering perfectionists to cultivate courage and confidence to take epic leaps towards the life of their wildest dreams!

Mona is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Life + Success Coach, and Certified Womxn's Circle Leader. She lives in San Diego with her partner Brett and their cat Frida and loves to surf, hike, write, eat burritos, and pet every dog she meets.



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Not All Spiritual Leaders Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Feb 13, 2021
Some “spiritual leaders” don’t want to love you or see you rise to your highest potential. They want to play a game of cultish power struggle.
When they’re winning, their world is usually highlighted by the indoctrination of a hierarchal structure where they become the Guru, they are seen as ‘closer to God than thou’ - although this may be meagerly disguised as 'more ascended' or 'more conscious'. And others who don’t understand them or their teachings are somehow ‘further from God’... or less ascended, less conscious, less expanded, etc.
It is inTOXICating - even for the followers.
There’s this essence to it that’s other worldly, that pulls us out of our mundane humanness and into other worldly connectedness to the esoteric - in a way that’s so ungrounding it’s hard to come back down to reality.
And who isn't searching for an escape from the harsh...
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