Highly Sensitive Beings are Designed Differently

Most of the advice for achieving freedom out there leaves intuitives burnt out, overwhelmed, & wanting to quit their daydream

Hustle culture doesn't give intuitives the time freedom we need to reconnect to nature and our channel

We deserve to create a career, have relationships, and live a lifestyle that honors our unique gifts and energy first

It can feel like “Why does it work for them and not me?” - and that’s because we’re uniquely designed and different from most visionary leaders

We’re here to guide the new paradigm of leadership and that means the ‘old way’ of hustle won’t work for us as we lead the new way for humanity

We’re here to have a huge impact. We can’t let overachiever, people pleaser, and burn out conditioning keep us exhausted and playing small

At You Are Intuit We Support Intuitive Empaths To...

Create a Career of Prosperity & Fulfillment that Ignites Your Soul

Learn Emotional Freedom & Boundaries to Thrive as an Empath

Achieve Your Highest Level of Service & Self Expression



You deserve to be recognized, well paid, and deeply loved for your natural gifts and expression.


I’ve burned out many times trying to find “my thing” and keep up with society's expectations of me.


Only by being a Chief Marketing Officer for millionaires, building my own online business, traveling the world, dating after divorce, and undergoing my spiritual awakening did I discover the truth:


We are uniquely designed with gifts as highly sensitive beings that are showing us the way to a life of prosperity.

When we hone our craft, learn to honor our intuitive nature, and create boundaries as we step into our personal power... we THRIVE.


Bringing fulfilling success to intuitives, visionaries, and healers

Total freedom means living your love, money, and career daydreams as a reality.


I know a lot of intuitives waste time, energy, and money on living someone else's daydream instead of their own. What’s the point of your God-given powerful gifts... if not to use them to create the vision in your heart and soul as your real life?


At You Are Intuit, you’ll learn how to stop dreaming it and start living it.



3 Simple Steps to Thrive in Love, Life, & Business

Here’s how you can get started creating a life or prosperity using your unique gifts

1. Join the Thrival Membership Community

Let's deep dive into your energetic blueprint for success and unique design. You'll receive access to monthly mentorship meetups, a community off social media, and resources to get started.

2. Begin Our Monthly Challenge & Join the Next Mentorship Meetup

As part of the community you're invited to join us in monthly live challenges and get involved with the other members. These will hold you accountable to create fulfillment in all areas of your life.

3. Collaborate, Grow, and Thrive

You're encouraged to collaborate with the Thrival community and support each other to grow. In person events, the book club, retreats, meetups, resources, and more can support you to thrive as an intuitive empath.

You Are Intuit’s Passion, Purpose, & Promise

This is our signature D3 Methodology



It’s about what will honor your own unique talents, energy, and intuition first. Always. Your desires and joy lead the way. Your fulfillment is the number one priority. We'll design systems that allow you to prioritize the lifestyle you desire.



At You Are Intuit, the objective is to set you up with success in Mind, Body, and Spirit. We'll use NLP, Inner Child healing, Shadow Work, and other modalities to help you live a life of your fullest expression.


Deliberate Action

The commitment is to set you up with the systems, strategies, and support to give you exactly what you need to take aligned action. The kind of action that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Some of You Are Intuit’s Client Results Include

  • Going from inconsistent 1k months to 100k in 6 months by creating group programs over one on one containers and following intuition first
  • Leaving a toxic relationship and the patterns that created it for good to heal and find healthy, long lasting love.
  • Creating one offer from a 4 hour session that generated 100k in sales the day of its launch.
  • Setting boundaries with family and breaking ancestral patterns to create deep connection.

And all these people created their unique version of success using their own intuition and psychic gifts to connect directly with source.

Inside the Thrival membership community you will:


  • Look at your deepest desires and the energetic misalignments that are holding you back from creating them
  • Get support in the deconditioning process to bring you home to your authentic self and your personal power
  • Receive resources to create clarity on how to do the thing you've been daydreaming about but just aren't sure where to get started


The membership is $88 a month. You can cancel at anytime. But once you're inside, you'll understand why it's the perfect place to thrive.


Ignite Your Biz Genius


Learn how to use your Human Design to get more of what you want

These free audio insights will help you understand what Human Design is, how to leverage your Type’s Strategy for manifestation, and actions to take today to unblock your success.

No spam, only golden wisdom nuggets

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